Product Summary

The B69000 is a portable graphics accelerator product that integrates high performance memory technology for the graphics frame buffer. Based on the proven HiQVideo graphics accelerator core, the B69000 combines state-of-the-art flat panel controller capabilities with low power, high performance integrated memory. The result is the start of a high performance, low power, highly integrated solution for the premier family of portable graphics products.


B69000 absolute maximum ratings: (1)VCC, Supply Voltage: -0.5 to 5.0 V; (2)VI, Input Voltage: -0.5 to 5.5 V; (3)TSTG, Storage Temperature: -40 125℃.


B69000 features: (1)High Performance Accelerated drivers; (2)Compatible across HiQVideo family; (3)Auto Panning Support; (4)LCD/CRT/Simultaneous Mode Support; (5)Auto Resolution Change; (6)HW Stretching/Scaling; (7)Double Buffering; (8)Internationalization; (9)ChipsCPL (Control Panel Applet); (10)Direct Draw support; (11)Games SDK support; (12)Dynamic Resolution Switching; (13)VGA Graphics applications in Windows; (14)VESA DDC extensions; (15)VESA DPMS extensions; (16)Property Sheet to change Refresh/Display; (17)Seamless Windows Support; (18)Boot time resolution adjustment; (19)DIVE, EnDIVE; (20)DCAF.