Product Summary



PM4328-PI absolute maximum ratings: (1)Ambient Temperature under Bias:-40 to +85℃; (2)Storage Temperature:-40 to +125℃; (3)Supply Voltage:-0.3 to + 3.5VDC; (4)Supply Voltage:-0.3 to + 4.6VDC; (5)Supply Voltage:-0.3 to + 4.6VDC; (6)Voltage on Any Pin:-0.3 to + 5.5VDC; (7)Static Discharge Voltage:±1000V; (8)Latch-Up Current:±100mA; (9)DC Input Current:±20mA; (10)Lead Temperature:+230℃; (11)Junction Temperature:+150℃.


PM4328-PI features: (1)Supports a byte serial Scaleable Bandwidth Interconnect (SBI) bus interface for high density system side device interconnection of up to 84 T1 streams or 3 DS3 streams ; (2)Provides jitter attenuation in the T1 or E1 receive and transmit directions; (3)Provides two independent de-jittered T1 or E1 recovered clocks for system timing and redundancy; (4)Provides per-DS0 line loopback and per link diagnostic and line loopbacks; (5)Provides an on-board programmable binary sequence generator and detector for error testing at DS3 rates. Includes support for patterns recommended in ITU-T O.151; (6)Provides robbed bit signaling extraction and insertion on a per-DS0 basis; (7)Provides programmable idle code substitution, data and sign inversion, and digital milliwatt code insertion on a per-DS0 basis; (8)Supports the M23 and C-bit parity DS3 formats; (9)Standalone unchannelized DS3 framer mode for access to the entire DS3 payload.